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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Custom Search Disabled

This feature is only available to members. Simply join our free dating site and get searching!

How do i delete my profile

Yes, we've started off with the one we don't want you to do because we're honest and if you're not satisfied with our service or you just want plain out then we want to make it easy for you.

You can easily delete your profile by firstly logging in. Click your username in the main menu and select 'Settings'. Here you will see a check box. Check it and your profile will be deleted the next time the janitor comes round, usually within 3 hours, so if you change you mind, you have a small window to un-check the checkbox

Some Emails Have Disappeared

The sender of the missing email has either deleted their profile or it has been removed for non-compliance.

Will You Spam Me? No!

Certainly not! The only email we sent are notification of any activity on your profile, such as receiving a message from a potential match or if someone has rated your profile. But, you can, if you wish, even disable these notifications meaning we wont send you any email at all, except from our system administrator.

Missing Favourites

Your favourite has either deleted their profile or it has been removed.

I Signed Up, Why Can't I Sign In?

Did you receive the email verification link we emailed you? Click the link contained in the email to verify your email address, then you can sign in.

I Didn't Receive The Verification Email

Likely cause is that the email address you signed up with is not valid. Try again, but you will have to now use a different username as the one you originally signed up with is no longer available. If you want to keep your original username, wait 24hrs for the original link to expire. The username will then become available.

I Verified My Email, Why Can't I Contact Other Members

Until you complete your profile, your account will not be active. Go ahead and complete your profile including at least one profile photo and your location, among other details, to activate your account. Once active, you are free to contact anyone and be contacted yourself.

I Completed My Profile But Its Still Not Active

Usually, main causes for this are either you haven't provided at least one profile picture, your location did not resolve or you didn't fill out enough information in the 'Into' and 'About Me' sections. Go back and add the missing items.

The Verification Link Is No Longer Valid

Have you already clicked the link maybe? Try logging in. Otherwise, the link may have expired, they are valid for 24hrs only. If thats the case, simply sign up again.

I Can No Longer Sign In

Two likely causes. First, you are using incorrect login details. Remember, this is your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, see below. Otherwise, your account may have been deleted, either because it didn't comply with our terms and conditions or because your profile remained incomplete for 7 days, after which it would have been deleted.

I Forgot My Password

No problem click the 'I forgot my password' link on the sign in page.

I Forgot My Email Address

Hmmm. Contact support@xtcdating.com

Can I Change My Email Address?

No, sorry. You're email address is unique to you. If you really do want to update your email address for whatever reason, please contact our support team. Alternatively, you can delete your profile and sign up again using your preferred email.

Can I Disable The Facebook and Twitter Sharing Links On My Profile?

Yes. Simply select 'settings' from the menu bar under your profile name and check the appropriate check box.

I'm Having Trouble Uploading Profile Pictures

Firstly, check that you are uploading a jpeg or jpg file type and that it no more than 500KB in size. Also, make sure your picture is as square as possible. Long, wide or overly rectangular images will not be accepted. Finally, on rare occasions the image upload widget can fail. Simply navigate to another page, come back and try again. We're looking at ways to fix this issue.